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  • is a joint laboratory of University of Trento, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, and CNR on Quantum Science and Technology;
  • leverages on human resources and state-of-the-art infrastructures of the partners;
  • promotes basic and applied research, technological transfer, innovation, education and training;
  • is rooted in Trentino with an European outlook.


Actions of Q@TN:

  • Promote and strengthen synergies between the various teams with different competences, from fundamental quantum science to technological applications;
  • Pursue a program focused on consolidating the international visibility of the research actors, to assume a central role in the European landscape and increase the success rate in competitive bids on QT Flagship calls;
  • Boost research activities in this area by activating a number of positions for young researchers based on inter-team research initiatives, consolidating research, creating interdisciplinary critical mass, and competing for funding;
  • Set up interdisciplinary education programs at the PhD and Master level;
  • Provide possibilities for life-long learning in quantum technologies and disseminate the fascinating possibilities of quantum technologies to the wider public;
  • Promote the transfer of knowledge and technologies in collaboration with industry.



Lorenzo Pavesi

Comitato Paritetico di Raccordo (CPR, Permanent Liaison Committee)

Philipp Hauke (UniTn)

© Alessio Coser

Richard John Hall-Wilton (FBK)
Francesco Saverio Cataliotti (CNR)
Valter Bonvicini (INFN)

Management Board

Ubirajara van Kolck (ECT*)
Enrico Blanzieri (DISI)
Georg Pucker (FBK)
Alberto Quaranta (DII)
Iacopo Carusotto (CNR)
Valter Moretti (MAT)

Industrial Advisory Board of Q@TN (IAB)

Roberto della Marina (Venture Factory)
Mauro Varasi (Leonardo)
Enrico Varriale (Thales Alenia Space)
Georges-Olivier Reymond (Pasqal)


Q@TN is funded by University of Trento via piano strategico 2017-2021, the Provincia Autonoma di Trento, and the CARITRO foundation.