Quantum Science Generation (QSG) workshop @ ECT* | 2-5 May 2022

It is within Q@TN 2023 activity plan and will be held at Villa Tambosi – headquarter of the ECT* Centre – from May 2-5, 2023, the first workshop of Quantum Science Generation (QSG), which aims to become a recurrent, yearly, appointment gathering together worldwide experienced and early – stage researchers working in the field of quantum science and technology. 

The ingredients to achieve this goal are the target audience, composed of local and international PhD students and postdocs (about 50-70), and the bottom-up organization, led by a group of PhD students and early postdocs.

For this first edition of the QSG workshop, we would like to address the following topics: 

·  Advances in quantum computing and quantum simulations

·  Computational methods for quantum technology

·  Development of new platforms for quantum technology.

The QSG committee: Valentina Amitrano, Alessio Baldazzi, Anna Berti, Daniele Contessi, Daniele De Bernardis, Alberto Nardin