Call for Q@TN PhD fellowships open

The next round of calls for Q@TN PhD fellowships is open, with the start of the PhD work in November 2021. 

The Q@TN PhD fellowships are assigned to transdisciplinary research projects that involve at least two research units of Q@TN. The following projects have been selected in a competitive review process involving international experts:

Cuboga   Ferrari (DF), Recati (CNR-INO), Verrucchi (CNR-ISC)   PhD school Physics
SP-QKD Mazzucchi (DM) Ranise (DM) Pavesi (DF) PhD school Mathematics
SOCCEr  Margesin(FBK), Carusotto(CNR-INO), Casse(FBK), Falferi(FBK-CNR-IFN) PhD school Physics
FLOAT  Vinante (CNR-IFN), Rastelli (CNR-INO)  PhD school Physics
HyClassQSampling Hauke (DF), Faccioli (DF),Pastorello (DISI), Blanzieri (DISI)  PhD school Physics

For more information, please see:

[PhD school physics:]

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